What is Independence War?
Independence War is an award winning space-sim series on the PC developed by the former UK developer Particle Systems, and published by Atari / Infogrames. The games featured realistic physics, beautiful graphics, involving story, and challenging gameplay. The ship designs were innovative, and more realistic than other contemporary space-games. 

See the website www.independencewar.com for more information. The website is no longer updated, but still contains a lot of interesting information.


What is paper modelling?
Paper models are 3D models made out of paper (or card). They are distributed as electronic documents that you print out on a coloured printer. You cut out the various parts with a hobby knife, fold them along defined fold lines and stick them together. It's a bit like making the paper cubes and dodecahedrons you used to make at school, but much more fun, and the models are alot cooler!

So check out our Models page and get building!

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