Send us pictures of your Independence War Paper models and we'll upload them here for everyone to see!

Click on a picture to get a larger view.

Bastille Paper Model.jpg (99297 bytes) We now have enough models for a full Navy squadron! Duncan Day's 1:1200 scale PatCom, Corvette, and Destroyer fly in formation.

Available from our models page.

Size_Comp1.jpg (147447 bytes) This impressive photo shows the relative sizes of the PatCom, Destroyer, Ore Freighter and Large Freighter models. All models are 1:1200 scale. 

Get them from our models page.

UNO1.jpg (161491 bytes) The 1:1200 scale UNO destroyer model, with a same-scale PatCom next to it. Also available in our models section.

Duncan Day's brand new Indie Corvette. Download from our models page.

Kris_Patcom1.jpg (124761 bytes)

Kris_Patcom2.jpg (140058 bytes)

Kris_Patcom3.jpg (133159 bytes)

Kris Dee sent us these excellent photos of a PatCom model he made, next to the Independence War game boxes. We're sure you'll agree he's done a great job building the model.

NavyCorvette1.jpg (123475 bytes) Now available from our models page, the latest model from Duncan Day - The Commonwealth Corvette. Complete with detachable accommodation modules (shuttles).

NavyCorvette2.jpg (113065 bytes) Another view of the Corvette.

Saltlake_2.jpg (125975 bytes)  Another view of the colossal  Saltlake base.

IW2_Oakland_In_Progress.jpg (115443 bytes)  Duncan Day's Oakland Freighter in progress. 

IW1_Freighters.jpg (118962 bytes) Duncan Day's Freighters, side by side with pods. Note the size of the models compared to the coffee table!

c_fighter_1.jpg (177176 bytes) Stephen Robertson's C-Fighter. This is a prototype version - the released model is optimised for easier building.

c_fighter_2.jpg (202238 bytes) Another view of the C-Fighter.

PatCom_1.jpg (110659 bytes) Duncan Day's PatCom model, perched on an original I-War Deluxe Box!

PatCom_2.jpg (104213 bytes) Rear view of the PatCom

PatCom_Indie_El_Diablo.jpg (88402 bytes) The Indie Patcom El Diablo, in its lurid custom paint scheme, by Duncan Day

PatCom_Indie_El_Diablo_detail.jpg (94080 bytes) A detail shot of the El Diablo

PatCom_Indie_Smilie.jpg (117796 bytes) Another custom Indie paintjob by Duncan Day, this time for the Independent Navy PatCom Smiley.



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