News and Updates

10th. January 2016
  • Updated the site logo in a c64 style.
  • Added box artwork images for some of my pictures that were based on box art.
  • Added links to ZZap!64 page scans for pictures that featured in ZZap.

8th. January 2016

  • First major update in 10 years!

    All of my pictures except for one early personal picture have now been found.

    The latest one to be found is my ZZap! 64 tribute picture, which was found by Frank Gasking. Many thanks go to him!

    You can find all the pictures on my gallery page.
  • Atari 8-Bit gallery added
  • Revisions to text and formatting.
  • Some tweaking of the visual design.


30th. April 2005

  • One of my lost pictures has been found! Actually it was a picture I'd totally forgotten about, which is even more amazing!
    My thanks go to the C64 enthusiast Sailor Of Triad who kindly sent me the picture.

    The picture is a tribute to the ZZap! 64 Team, and you can find it with the other gallery pages here.


11th. April 2005

  • I've removed the guest book, as it was continually being spammed with html links that kept breaking it. If you wish to contact me, then please email me directly.
  • As a side affect of this the hit-counter has been reset. :-(


24th April 2002

  • Apologies for those of you that visited this site and found lots of broken image links. This was caused by Blue Yonder transferring their personal web page service from a non-case sensitive NT system, to a case sensitive UNIX system!

    I thought when I produced the site that I'd renamed all the files in Front Page to lower case, but it turns out that Front Page didn't change the links to match.

  • Because of the changeover to a new sever some of the messages in the guestbook have been lost, along with some hits from the hit-counter :-(


13th April 2002

  • This page added!
  • Main menu made more compact so it works on lower resolutions.
  • Gallery pages return you to the current gallery year when you click on the 'back to gallery' link.
  • Fixed incorrect link and some typos.
  • Added link to Cocos on the links page.

11th April 2002

  • Fixed broken link.

  • Fixed a couple of typos.

10th April 2002

  • Site uploaded!