This page contains various downloads including C64 disk / tape images of my artwork, C64 demos, and games.

The files are in Zip format, so you'll need an unzip program such as Winzip to extract the files.

To use the disk / tape images you'll need a C64 emulator such as VICE or CCS64.

Many of the demos on this page were originally uploaded on the Commodore Compunet network.
This is a tape image of the game Blazer, that I did the graphics for. This version includes the Blazer loading screen, and a cheat mode.
A disk image of several of my loading screens in the original Koala Painter format, together with a program for loading them.

Pictures included are: Slayer, Microrthythm, Antiriad, Eliminator, Gribbly's Day Out and Warhawk.

Thanks go to Glenn Rune Gallefoss for finding these pictures in their original C64 format.
This is a demo produced by a friend of mine called Kevin, which I had a small involvement in - I drew the reflective balls!
The demo I produced for Warhawk, consisting of a scrolly message, picture and music. Not particually impressive, but worth it for the excellent Rob hubbard music.
A musical demo, including my Antiriad picture.