The ZZap! 64 Team


Year: 1986
Origin: Based on the ZZap! 64 magazine.
Publisher: None



This is the second ZZap! 64 picture I drew, following on from the original ZZap! 64 picture that was published in the magazine, and which is now lost.

I had forgotten this picture even existed, and I hadn't seen it for 19 years. Then near the end of April 2005 I received an email from a C64 enthusiast in Sweden who called himself Sailor of Triad, claiming to have found my lost ZZap! 64 picture. I took a quick look at the file he'd sent, but was disappointed when the picture wasn't the one I'd thought I'd lost.

I emailed him back, thanking him, but saying it wasn't the one I was looking for. He contacted me again saying he was sure it was one of mine. I took a closer look and realised he was right.

Not only was it a picture I had lost, but it was one I'd totally forgotten about. The details are still vague, but I believe I sent this one into ZZap at some point, but unlike the other one it wasn't published.

The pictures of the team are definitely based on the small portraits in ZZap that accompanied the reviews.

So many thanks to Sailor Of Triad for finding something I'd forgotten I'd drawn in the first place! The picture was apparently on a disk with some Compunet demos, so I probably had uploaded it to Compunet, which is why it survived when my C64 disks were lost.


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