ZZap! 64


Year: 1985
Origin: Based on the ZZap! 64 magazine.
Publisher: None, but printed in Issue 5 ZZap! 64, September 1985


I was a big fan of the UK C64 magazine called ZZap! 64, and drew this picture as a tribute. I sent it in to them and was rewarded by having it printed the their letters page. I also sent in a letter which was printed a couple of issues later. Thinking back on it now it's all a bit cringeworthy, but I was a lot younger back then.

Until very recently this picture was lost, but Frank Gasking of Games That Weren't found it on a batch of C64 disks he was archiving.

So many thanks Frank for finding a 30 year old lost picture!

Note: You can view a scan of the picture as it appeared in the ZZap! 64 letters page on the Def Guide to ZZap!64 website.


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