Year: 1986
Origin: Original picture.
Publisher: Firebird



This is considered to be one of my best pictures, and is probably the most famous, as it seems to be on all many of the C64 websites that have the Warhawk game. remember trying to get more money out of Firebird for this one, as it was considered to be pretty good at the time.

I was inspired by the quality of the game, as it was an excellent shoot-em-up, with (for the time) decent graphics, and one of Rob Hubbard's best C64 tunes ever.

In fact the picture almost got me doing a full game. One of the demo coders on the Commodore 64 network Compunet saw it and was very impressed. He wanted me to do a shoot-em-up with him, but unfortunately (for me!) he got a job programming with a games company before we could get started, and nothing came of it.

After I drew the picture I incorporated it into a very basic demo, and released on Compunet. I managed to get hold of the demo recently, and ran it on an emulator. The demo had a scrolling message, and it was like travelling back in time and listening to myself, which was weird, but pretty cool.

The text in the scroller said that the picture had taken about 14 hours to draw. That's quite a bit longer than the 6 to 8 or so hours it normally took.

The little ship visible through the hole in the platform is a variant of a ship I doodled at school, a long, long while ago.

For some reason this picture doesn't have a firebird logo on it.


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