Year: 1986
Origin: Original picture, based on the Uridium game by Andrew Braybrook.
Publisher: None



Andrew Braybrook's game Uridium was the best C64 shoot-em-up ever. You flew a small ship called a Manta (that looked very much like a Star Wars snowspeeder) over beautifully drawn bas-relief spaceships, shooting up everything as you went.

I loved the game, and decided to draw a picture based on it. What would it be like to play the game from a 3D perspective, I thought? So I drew the picture as though you were actually flying along the ship, coming under attack.

I'm very proud of this picture - even though the perspective on the big wall is wonky, and it would have made a fantastic loading screen. I believe that Andrew Braybrook himself saw it, and said he liked it.

Some interesting points about the picture - the orange screen in the centre of the control panel was originally meant to be a sort of artificial horizon / wireframe view, but the C64's resolution wasn't up to drawing it at the correct angle, which is why it's drawn horizontally.

The panel with the rainbow of colours was quite tricky to do, as you could only have a three colours in a small area, so it was quite impressive in its day.

This was one of my main demo pictures when I was trying to get more C64 graphics work.

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