Tower Toppler


Original box artwork


Year: 1988
Origin: Copy of box artwork
Publisher: Hewson / US Gold / Epyx



If you're a fan of Hewson's Nebulus you're probably scratching your head in puzzlement right now.

Yes, it's the artwork from Nebulus, but it's called Tower Toppler - why?

Tower Toppler was the US name for Nebulus, and the game was released by US Gold / Epyx in the US. When it came for the US release Hewson wanted a new loading screen, and asked me to do it.

I'm very proud of this one as it's a very close representation of the box artwork, and (in my opinion) is better than the loading screen in the European release of the game.

I'm not sure if this picture was ever used or not, as I've not seen a US version of the game with it included.

For those of you that have never seen Nebulus / Tower Toppler, then you are really missing out. It was a platform game that took place around a rotating tower. Instead of your character moving left or right, the entire tower rotated in 3D, which was an amazing effect for the time.


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