R.M.S. Titanic


Year: 1986
Origin: Copy of a black and white painting from a Titanic book.
Publisher: Electric Dreams (Activision)



This was the first picture I drew professionally. I'd sent in my disk of pictures to Activision, including Koronis Rift because at that time Activision were distributing Lucasfilm Games products.

Shortly aftwards I got a 'phone call from Oxford Digital Enterprises. who were doing a Titanic game for Activision's Electric Dreams label, and needed a loading screen. Rod Cousins, the then head of Activision had passed my demo disc onto them, and they asked if I could do it.

They said they'd pay me 100, and was that reasonable. I was working in a computer shop for 50 a week at the time, so I said "Very very reasonable!"

They wanted a picture of the Titanic crashing into the iceberg, so after doing some research I found a print in a book on the Titanic, and drew a version of that.

I had to make one small change to the picture for them, which was to change the lights on the side of the ship to yellow, as they were originally white. I'd forgotten that the lighting on the ship would have been yellowish in tone, and the picture I'd copied was black and white.


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