Thing On A Spring


Year: 1985
Origin: Partial copy of game advert.
Publisher: None, but printed in ZZap! 64.
Thanks: Thanks go to Andrew Laggan, and his website Spectrum Screen$ for archiving this picture. I'd thought I'd lost this one, but was delighted to find it in his loading screen art gallery.

Also thanks go to Per Håkan Sundell, and Ron Birk, for including this picture in their Amiga demo The 100 Most Remembered C64 Tunes.



Another tribute picture - this time to the fabulous Gremlin Graphics Game Thing On A Spring. Like Monty On The Run this is really a tribute to the fantastic music in the game, by Rob Hubbard.

This picture was send into ZZap! 64, which is why there's a rendition of the Boulder Dash character Rockford, who along with Thing regularly appeared in the margins of ZZap! 64.

The picture was printed in one of the issues of ZZap.


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