Star Wars


Year: 1985
Origin: Based on the film Star Wars, but drawn from memory.
Publisher: None, but printed in ZZap! 64 issue 5, page 13
Thanks: Thanks go to Mike Berry, and his website Commodore Apocalypse for archiving this picture. I'd thought I'd lost this one, but was delighted to find it in his Compunet art gallery.



The Star Wars picture is the second C64 picture I drew, and the second time I've drawn it. The original version was drawn on an Atari 800 with an Atari Touch Tablet, along with several other pictures. The only copy I have of these are some low quality thermal screen-dumps. You can see a scan of the Atari screen-dump here, in my Atari 8-Bit gallery.

After I drew my Atari pictures I bought a second-hand Koala Pad from another friend, and this was the first picture I drew on it, primarily for my own amusement.

Looking back at it now it looks pretty awful. It was drawn from memory, so the X-Wing's fuselage is completely wrong, and the shading on the Deathstar isn't that brilliant either.

The picture was printed in ZZap! 64 on the letters page, along with my Ghostbusters and ZZap! 64 picture.

Note: You can view a scan of the picture as it appeared in the ZZap! 64 letters page on the Def Guide to ZZap!64 website.


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