Ocean Conquerer


Original box artwork


Year: 1988
Origin: Copy of box artwork
Publisher: Hewson (Rack-It Label)



I believe this is the first screen I drew for Hewson. I can't remember how I managed to get in touch with them (I may have sent them a demo disk), but they were kind enough to hire me to do eleven pictures for them.

They didn't pay as much as Firebird (100 per picture), but I was grateful for the work.

Most of the pictures I drew were for their budget label, which was called Rack-It, and I got the opportunity to do screens for re-releases of some classic games like Cybernoid, Gribbly's Day Out and Tower Toppler (Nebulus).

My contact at Hewson was Paul Chamberlain, and he was great to work for. What I really liked was that he always sent colour photocopies of the game's box artwork, and sometimes even separate copies of art and logos, which made drawing the pictures much easier.

Unfortunately, unlike Firebird, I was never sent copies of the actual games to play, so most of the time I didn't know what the actual games were like.


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