Year: 1986
Origin: Original picture
Publisher: Firebird



This is my personal favourite, and was also one of the hardest ones to draw.

Microrhythm was a digital drum sequencer, in Firebird's budget range. For 1.99 it was an absolute bargain, and great fun.

I didn't really know what to do at first, but I got the idea of drawing a robot playing the drums, and after searching for some appropriate reference material, came up with the Microrhythm picture.

Colin Fuidge of Firebird must have been pleased with it, because it appeared on the back of the game's box, and he sent me a very nice colour screen-dump, which I had framed, and still have today. The picture was printed in the Commodore User review of Microrhythm, presumably because the actual program wasn't very graphical.

Microrhythm was written by a guy called Simon Pick. He did the conversion of Konami's Nemesis to the C64. I worked with him for a short while, while trying to get work at a company called Sales Curve. A very nice bloke.

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