Koronis Rift


Year: 1985
Origin: Original artwork, based on the game.
Publisher: None
Thanks: Thanks go to Andrew Laggan, and his website Spectrum Screen$ for archiving this picture. I'd thought I'd lost this one, but was delighted to find it in his loading screen art gallery.



This picture is based on Lucasfilm Game's Koronis Rift. Lucasfilm games are now called Lucas Arts and are mostly famous for publishing Star Wars Games.

Koronis Rift was an incredible game on the C64 and Atari 800XL, where you piloted a crawler around a mountainous landscape, scavenging technology from crashed ships.It was one of the first games ever to feature fractal graphics, and the 3D was better than anything seen before on the C64.

I'd bought the game on import from the USA, and it had an incredibly fast disk loader - the game loaded in about 5 seconds. This was especially amazing as the C64 disk drive was very slow, with loading normally taking minutes.

I drew this picture for my own pleasure, because I liked the game so much.
I'm still quite pleased with it - the crawler is a bit crude in places, but the shading on the mountains and saucer are quite nice.


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