Happiest Days of Your Life


Year: 1986
Origin: Original picture.
Publisher: Firebird



Someone said at the time that this picture was similar to the Spectrum Skooldaze loading screen. I hadn't consciously copied it (in fact the composition of the two pictures is completely different), but the idea is basically the same - a Schoolboy writing on a blackboard with a teacher coming through the door.

It's not one of my best pictures, but it's one of the few that features a human figure. (I wasn't very good at drawing people.)

This picture was lost until very recently. I had a tape copy of the game, but no easy way to get it into an emulator and get the picture back.

I then found the excellent wav2tap program, which allowed me to convert a sound sample of the tape (recorded from my hi-fi) into a .tap (C64 tape) file.

After a couple of attempts I managed to get the tape to load into the Vice C64 emulator. When my loading screen appeared I took a snapshot and got my picture back 16 years after I'd drawn it!

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