Year: 1985
Origin: Based on the Ghostbusters film. Drawn from memory.
Publisher: None, but printed in ZZap! 64 issue 5, page 13.



The third picture I drew on the C64 was a version of one of my original Atari pictures. The picture showed the Ghostbusters logo and slogan, and a front view of the Ectomobile.

This was printed in ZZap! 64 along with the Star Wars picture.

Until very recently this picture was thought lost, but STE86 emailed me to say it had been found on a demo disk and uploaded to CSDb.

So many thanks to STE and to whoever found this and uploaded it!

Note: You can view a scan of the picture as it appeared in the ZZap! 64 letters page on the Def Guide to ZZap!64 website.


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