Original box artwork


Year: 1986
Origin: Copy of Advert / Box Artwork
Publisher: None.



This was another picture I drew because I liked the game so much. It was a copy of the box artwork for the palace software game Antiriad.

After I drew this picture I got in touch with Richard Joseph - the music designer for Palace - on the Commodore Network, Compunet. Through that I got an interview at Palace for a graphics artist job. At the time they were doing Barbarian, and the walls of their office were covered with concept art for the game, and there were toy swords everywhere!

Unfortunately nothing came of it, and a while later I bumped into Peter Stone, the ex-boss of Palace at a computer show. He asked me why I'd not got back in touch. I'd thought he was going to contact me!

Looking back at the picture now, the whole suit of armour is far too wide!


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