Multicolour Mode

Medium resolution mode, known as Multicolour Mode,  halved the horizontal numbers of pixels to 160 (making rectangular pixels!) and increased the number of colours you could have in each attribute square. (Each square now being 4x8 pixels).

In this mode you could have up to three colours per square, plus a global background colour. This mode was much more flexible than hi-res mode, and produced very nice results, despite the lower resolution and colour restrictions.

Most colour bitmap art on the C64 was drawn in this mode. There were a variety of drawing programs that automatically handled the colour attributes for you. All you had to do was be careful not to put too many colours in a small area, otherwise like the hi-res mode, you could get colour clash, though this wasn't as noticeable.

Here's an example of a multicolour mode picture - the same picture as in the previous Spectrum screen.

As you can see, the picture above is lower resolution than the Spectrum version, but has much better colour definition, with virtually no noticable colour clash.

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