Compunet was a UK based nationwide dial-up network for C64 and Amiga users. It started in 1984, and I joined in 1986.

When I joined I asked for the ID 'SIR', (as this was the signature I put on my pictures), and was lucky enough to get it.

Compunet was more than an information service. It allowed users to upload as well as download, create pages of information, and set up their own areas.

It had email facilities, a chat service called 'Partyline' and also hosted several text based multiuser games.

In its time it was the C64's internet, and many of those who created demos, music and art went on to a career in computer games.

Most of my pictures and demos were uploaded onto Compunet, and were distributed country-wide which is one of the reasons so much of them have been preserved on the internet.

For a more detailed explanation of Compunet, visit Mike Berry's excellent Commodore Apocalypse site, or look it up on Wikipedia.