Atari 8-Bit Art Gallery

Before I became a C64 artist, I worked as a salesman in a computer shop called Silica Shop. They  sold mostly Atari 8 bit computers such as the 400, 800, and XL series, and consoles like the Atari 2600, Intellivision, Colecovision and Vectrex.

One day a batch of Atari touch tablets with Atari Painter arrived, and I really enjoyed playing around with them. So I borrowed an Atari 800, disk drive, and Atari Touch Tablet, and drew some pictures for fun. I always used to doodle sci-fi pictures at school, so the first batch I drew were of space-ships and robots.

When I took them back into work everyone said they looked great. I used them when demonstrating the touch tablet, which was a great success. In fact the rest of the staff took my picture disk and started using them to sell touch tablets too.

The Touch Tablet was much better than the C64 Koala Pad, being bigger, more sensitive, and having a wired pen with a button for drawing (though it didn't work on the C64 which was a big shame). However the Atari pictures were limited to only 4 colours, though you could choose from a palette of 128.

I no longer have proper copies of these pictures. All I have are low-quality monochrome thermal screen-dumps. I've scanned and cleaned them up as best I can, and colourized them to approximate the original colours and shading,  but if you've seen the original versions anywhere, then please let me know.

All these pictures were drawn in 1984.






Spaceship 2

Star Wars